Pen Sketch

Trial 4 Landscapes are comparatively easier with pencil to sketch. My first ever landscape pen sketch. Comment below and let me know what you think about it and suggestions are even more welcome.

Thoughts for Walls!

Water Colour Painting #2 This is Background Watercolor and (not so)Calligraphy! šŸ˜‰ Lately trying new techniques with all the art supplies I can get… trying to expand my horizon and see till where I can reach! Many more to come. Please share your views below and let me know if you liked it. Till then…

Infinite Stars

Watercolour painting! #1 After ages, I am starting again … not well versed with paints overall but… I guess it just takes a few more pages and practices to get there. Here I tried playing with colours… trying to give the night sky more “universe” sort of look… INSPIRATION: Nothern lights  

Beauty Products (Combination skin)

Hi Fellas, Today for the first time, I will be posting on beauty products. Skin is one of the basic element of our body which should be maintained daily. We are blessed in a generation where there are a variety of alternatives to keep our skin fresh and glowing. Plus our Grand ma’s secret natural…

Oil pastel #2

An attempt again on this technique, not thoroughly satisfied yet, still need improvement. However, here it is

How travelling has changed our perspective on life!

Remember those times, when the only thing we knew was competition. Race in which we all were participating unknown of the goal and purpose behind it. It still exists evidently. But something has changed. The perception, the goal & what matters most in this world. The working days are not so bad now, coz one…

Unexplored Konkan!

Hi folks! Have you explored the beautiful Konkan coast of Western India yet? Do you know there are beautiful beaches and landscapes lined up? Recently I was visiting my parents in Roha(Raigad) Maharashtra. This is near to Imagica Adlabs and 124 kms from Mumbai. Hence, I got chance to explore that region and I was…

Green Town

This spontaneously planned trip has a place in my heart. A week ago we discussed that we might spend our weekend there. And with all ifs and buts we ended at this out of the world beautiful place in God’s own country, Munnar. Bangalore ———> Munnar We started at 4 o clock in the morning….