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Movie Review: October (2018)

Hey I’m watching October. Check it out now on Prime Video! Such a beautiful movie. Potraying non-heroic characters in Bollywood cinema, was beyond my expectations. Varun dhawan just made it to my favorites list. Not that he needs it. 😅 The simplicity of the story and mindblowing direction just moved my heart. 🤗 So

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Is there any better place to Propose other than Ireland shores. Big rocks, tidal waves, beautiful grasses blowing in the wind and breathtaking sunset! Recently, I saw this movie called “Leap Year” featuring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode (Brilliant actors, right!). Loved the movie (especially when they have emphasized the landscape beauty)… like every other girl, I

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Live it!

Feel the little drops of rain on your palm, Smell the fresh wet leaves, Watch the beautiful sunset, these small moments are refreshing. Life gives you more than what you ask for. Stop complaining and start living. Life is short and there’s a lot of exploration to do. Live it Love it Own it!