Infinite Stars

Watercolour painting! #1 After ages, I am starting again … not well versed with paints overall but… I guess it just takes a few more pages and practices to get there. Here I tried playing with colours… trying to give the night sky more “universe” sort of look… INSPIRATION: Nothern lights  

Oil pastel #2

An attempt again on this technique, not thoroughly satisfied yet, still need improvement. However, here it is

Pastel painting

New Technique: Really long time catching up with my inner art maniac. Nothing extraordinary but to me, a start after a long break is really important.

The Only “Marilyn Monroe”

I tried to create some resemblance of the beauty in this art piece… but you know the original is an original. “All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent” ~ Marilyn Monroe (Legend)

I’ll wait for You…

“If it takes forever, I will wait for you For a thousand summers, I will wait for you Till you’re back beside me, till I’m holding you Till I hear you sigh, here in my arms Anywhere you wander, anywhere you go Everyday remember, how I love you so In your heart believe, what in…