How travelling has changed our perspective on life!

Far from the madding crowd

Remember those times, when the only thing we knew was competition. Race in which we all were participating unknown of the goal and purpose behind it. It still exists. But something has changed. The perception, the goal & what matters most in this world and our life. The working days are not so bad now, coz one thing we people look forward to is … at the end of it we will travel to “far far away land”; not necessarily only “Traveling” is making that revelation but it is one of them.
Our goal has shifted from materialistic desires towards a happy and sane life.

Outdoors are better than Indoors

No wonder one finds comfort at home with all one need. It’s easy to move your body a few inches than walk extra mile. But that’s where we miss out on the world. The exploration, discovering new places, culture and…

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