The one with the DIY way!

Decorating space around you for a better lifestyle is on everyone’s mind.

Who doesn’t want a delightful sight from a long tedious day of work?

Me for sure… I feel, everything around you affects and reflects you.

So to live your best, make your surrounding best!

I have collected a few beautiful ideas for your home to make you feel cozier and warmer than everrr!

Presenting you my top 5 essentials and favorite DIY for home decor:
Living room: The wall says it all. It’s important to add something substantial which can give oomph to your space. Canvas prints, large paintings, wall decals or wall arts.

Wall decor: Your wall should reflect you… creatively. These following ideas are quirky and easy to define your space.

3. Lights: “Lights will guide you home!” Who doesn’t like starry nights? Lights bring the festive and warmth feeling. This is a must have for your home.

4. Greenish: Indoor garden gives an added beauty to your place. Check this out.

5. Kitchen: Cooking becomes suave with these beautiful DIY ideas.

Hope you liked this post. Keep visiting and please share your views in the comment section.

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