Is there any better place to Propose other than Ireland shores.

Big rocks, tidal waves, beautiful grasses blowing in the wind and breathtaking sunset!

Recently, I saw this movie called “Leap Year” featuring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode (Brilliant actors, right!). Loved the movie (especially when they have emphasized the landscape beauty)… like every other girl, I have a soft corner for RomComsBut one thing about the movie which is still stuck with me is the place it was filmed – Ireland. What a beautiful country!

If like me, you too love watching Romantic Comedies, I am sure you wouldn’t have missed “P.S. I Love You” This movie was also filmed in Ireland and since then it’s in my heart and top on my bucket list.

What about you? Did you ever felt while watching a movie that This is it! This is my Dream Destination.

Share your dream destination with me and the story behind it. 🙂


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