Hopes & Fears!

You never realize how much you are capable of until you start acting on it.

People are capable of lots of things more than they can even imagine still they underestimate themselves.
The thing stopping one from being the Best version of itself is FEAR.
Fear of past, present, and future.
Fear of losing.
Fear of failing.
Fear of confrontment.
Fear of broken heart.
Fear of all the worst things that have happened and could happen to you.
But you never realize that when you let go of the fear, you see HOPE.

When this hope and faith turn into reality, you feel the happiness and all that pain suffered vanishes in seconds.

So while you are going through some rough patch, think about this moment and bring yourself together and Hit It OFF! 

These encounters of life are gonna make you the Best Version of yourself and you know what ALL OF IT IS WORTH IT.

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